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Quality Schools International (QSI) is pleased to announce the opening of QSI International School of Guyana. This is QSI’s fourth school in Central and South America and increases the number of global schools to 37, plus one online secondary school (QSI Virtual School). The organization has 50 years of international schooling experience and tradition from which to offer a full curriculum covering programs from preschool through secondary graduation. In line with its mission to offer quality schooling, QSI hires highly qualified teachers with international experience from all over the world.

QSI International School of Guyana’s mission is to provide expatriates and local families with a school relative in care and rigor to the best public and private schools in the U.S. and around the world. In its schools the world over, QSI applies a strong outcome-based curriculum, mastery learning methodology, and a set of Success Orientations that act as cornerstones for the overall program.

We encourage parents to work together with us to ensure that the whole child is being developed and challenged. We have activities that foster student growth and development and bring our community together.

So join us as we soar to new heights together. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact me at

Carl Wieburg